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   With the application of semiconductor devices and UV LED expands gradually, the market demand for high temperature epitaxy equipment become increasingly strong. Transformation in the traditional MOCVD equipment on the basis of which can reduce the epitaxial manufacturers early equipment investment,


Diversification can also achieve the original MOCVD device epitaxial chip, rich extension production line. MOCVD high temperature transformation is a low cost way to realize high temperature epitaxial  manufacturers the most quickly, the most efficient.

Service :

Zhaoxin Semiconductor provides general and high temperature heater 、 MOCVD reform service for customers, we provide the heater with the design optimization, the all metal structure, inhibition of high temperature deformation can be better, can achieve better use effect.

The characteristics of the service:

High temperature: the maximum use temperature of not less than 1300℃

High uniformity: District of three surface temperature uniformity within 1 ℃

High repeatability : the same temperature  formula surface temperature repeatability within 2 ℃

High reliability : All metal structure better inhibition of heater high temperature deformation

            improve the heater life and repeatability


GaN type foreign MOCVD furnace after the transformation of graphite surface temperature is raised to 1350 ℃, and the surface temperature uniformity is ±1℃